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TRIATHLON XP weekly training camps are planned to let everybody enjoy a multisport and heatlhy experience in places of high touristic interest.


Our target audience are age group triathletes and multisporters, 18+ years old. You need to be comfortable with a moderate to heavy training load. Attendees must be competent and looking to improve fitness. Training methodology and swim-bike-run techniques are also discussed.


Read the next paragraphs for more details or contact us directly.

Take tips from other participants, build your network, share your background and goals. We will not miss occasions to mingle all together. Thus, get ready to swim-bike-run and have fun with us!

Families and non-training persons are welcome! They won't regret, because our base camp Destinations offer a lot of attractions also for the accompanying persons, both children and adults. In fact, we can definitely help you to let your kids enjoy sports as much as you e.g. swimming courses, summer mountain bike camps.



  • Our professional coach(es) lead the camp's participants in group(s).

  • The training workload can be customised per athlete by changing the tempo, intensity or type of the exercises.

  • Max 8:1 athletes:coach.

  • Video-recording may be used during swim and run sessions to raise self-awareness on form and technique.

  • We plan 2 or 3 trainings a day and a few meetings per camp in order to review some methodologies about training and racing efficiency.

  • We work on a specific training schedule, however it can change at the last moment; altitude, weather and open water conditions can definitely affect athletes' readiness and performance.

  • Not only swim-bike-run. We also focus on stretching, core body and strength and conditioning exercises, we practice Transition 1, Transition 2 and  brick training sessions.


  • We work to build relationship and provide individual feedback.

  • We follow the no drop ride approach.

  • We treat each participant with respect and equality.

  • We are used to performing in a professional, international, inclusive and friendly environment.

  • We appreciate if you speak up to us, share your feedback and look after each other. Let's be positive, let's have fun!


These two aspects are very important, we talk of these topics at our classes. That is why we select partner hotels that can provide excellent meal choice and comfort e.g. wellness and spa area, secure bicycle storage, laundry service, private shuttle bus. Our Destinations have a great local cuisine history.

Self assessment vs triathlon training program.

Microcycles, macrocycles, annual plan.

Our specific triathlon camps are highly recommended through January-September. We plan the sport activities based on a proved training program.

For a triathlete our camps represent microcycles (1 week) which have a higher training volume and intensity, during macrocycles of 4/12 weeks. This is very beneficial both before and during the racing period, besides being an active tourism opportunity. An active recovery cycle is recommended after the camp and before a key race.

This below is a typical training annual plan of a age group triathlete racing in Europe. It can apply to swimming, cycling and running. You can do it, too!


Represent a preparatory macrocycle focused on: technique, strength and conditioning exercises, slow endurance.


Represent a conditioning macrocycle focused on: technique, short & fast drills, endurance, cross country run, mtb/roadbike.


Represent a competition preparatory macrocycle focused on: technique, high intensity drills, short & long distances at different tempo, brick sessions.


Represent a competition specific macrocycle focused on: technique, very high intensity drills, short & long distances, it is very personal and based on athletes' goals.


Represent a transitory (regeneration) macrocycle with minimal or no training.

We strongly encourage to attend our camps those people who want to get ready for Sprint, Olympic, middle (70.3 miles) or long distance (140.6 miles) and also extreme triathlons. 


At the same time, you are definitely a good TRIATHLON XP camp's candidate - no matter if you race or not - if you are able to:

  • SWIM for 2/3 km per hour of training, we do focus on crawl technique and all types of series e.g. from 25 to 400 metres;

  • RUN a 20' flat course warm-up in the range 5' to 6'/km, plus bearing one more hour of training e.g. drills, athletics gaits, main run exercise.

  • fat BIKE in winter (a mountain bike with larger tyres and clipless pedals used especially on the snow) and MTB require short and frequent high intensity peaks, while efforts by road BIKE in spring and summer depend on the morphology of the terrain and training plan (up-hill, long distance vs. short distance brick sessions, intervals, etc.).

  • NUTRITION, RECOVERY, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING and STRETCHING are key topics at our camps, too.

When you choose TRIATHLON XP, you have the opportunity to act like a professional triathlete by focusing on training, fuelling, recovering and cultivating the supercompensation effects. And you can finally train in group, get new friends, laugh, stay fit and discover amazing places!

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